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PhD students

Thomas Renström’s PhD Supervision

Current PhD students

Jingyuan Di

Narongchai Yaisawang

Previous PhD students

Dr Xiaoxiao Ma (University of Leeds, UK). Thesis: “The Economics of Vehicle Driving: A General Equilibrium Analysis in a Dynamic Two-Period Vintage Model” (2019)

Dr Jiunn Wang (University of Exeter, UK). Thesis: “The Economics of Public Policy and Endogenous Health” (2019), Durham University Best Thesis Award in Economics

Dr Hee Chang Jang (Bank of Korea [Central Bank of South Korea]). Thesis: “Esseys on Household Debt, Macroprudential Policy and Monetary Policy in South Korea” (2017)

Dr Bledar Hoda (Central Bank of Albania). Thesis: “Financial Frictions and Macroeconomic Fluctuations” (2017)

Dr Qiming Chen (China University of Political Science and Law Haidian District, Beijing, China). Thesis: “Growth Rates of State-Owned and Private Enterprises in China and Their Innovation Strategies” (2016)

Dr Sakib Amin (North South University, Bangladesh). Thesis: “The Macroeconomics of Energy Price Shocks and Electricity Market Reforms: The Case of Bangladesh” (2015)

Dr Brett Manning (Moody’s Analytics, San Francisco, USA). Thesis: “Does Economic Inequality Cause Financial Crises?” (2014)

Dr Manzoor Ahmed (Dean, Faculty of Managment and Social Sciences, Lasbela University, Balochistan, Pakistan). Thesis: “Fiscal Decentralisation and Political Economy of Poverty Reduction: Theory and Evidence from Pakistan”

Dr Silvia Galli Thesis (University of St Gallen, Switzerland). Thesis: “Innovation-Specific Patent Protection and Growth” (2012), UniCredit & Universities Foundation Best PhD Thesis Award

Dr Xiaoyan Liu. Thesis: “Share Ownership Distribution, Non-renewable Resources Extraction Rate and Pollution Intensity” (2013)

Dr Noemi Mantovan (Bangor Business School, UK). Thesis: “Ideology and the State: an Analysis of the Connection between Fairness, Altruism, and Redistribution” (2012)

Dr Mauricio Armellini (Bank of England). Thesis: “Public Education, Growth, and Political Regimes” (2009)

Dr Jiho Lee (Bank of Korea [Central Bank of South Korea]). Thesis: “Essays on Business Cycles in Korea” (2008)

Celebration! From left to right: Jiunn Wang, Xiaoxiao Ma, Laura Marsiliani, Thomas Renström, Narongchai Yaisawang, Jingyuan Di

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